The distinctions of London Language College

“An English programme without accreditation will not guarantee the quality of training objectives, processes and results.”
CEO of The London Language College
Dr. Janne


PhD levels


accredited and recognized


Vietnam and international campus


professional lecturers


London Language College (LLC) is a legal entity in London with UKRLP code (UK Register of Learning Providers) number 10087369 and approved to participate in the ESFA programme (the Education and Skills Funding Agency) of the UK government.


London Language College (LLC) belongs to the European Education Holdings (EEH) LLC also owns many independent English language training systems with diploma systems accredited and recognised by the UK government and worldwide. London Language College membership includes:

  • CEFR English: English according to the UK’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) including A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 with diplomas and certificates recognised by the UK government.
  • Tesol Gate: An international cooperation system of training programmes for English teachers from Practicing Certificates up to Doctorate. The diploma system is recognised by the UK government and all over the world.
  • Biz English: Business English according to CEFR framework from A1 to C2. BizEnglish’s Certificate of Business English is recognized by the British government

LLC Partners

Accredited and Recognised Programme

100% of our programmes are accredited and recognised in the granted nation and worldwide, making it possible to teach English locally and internationally..

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Learning without affecting your current work

The training model for working people includes a combination of short-term study abroad, E-learning study system, and local workshops which helps you balance between your work and study.

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Strictly complying with the training goals

The tuition fees supporting policy for Vietnamese students from our partner universities with 0% interest rate deferred loan policy makes it possible for everyone to participate.

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Training quality control

Accreditation and Recognition

100% of London Language College programmes are recognised by the UK and belongs to the UK national qualifications framework system.


Certified Lecturers

100% of lecturers are trained and qualified to meet the standard requirement for teachers according to the London Language College accreditation standards


Recognized Partner

Preparation and Practise Privider (PPP) are all assessed, certified and trained by London Language College


Technological teaching

The programme follows a Hybrid model that combines online training systems and practices, classroom review by authorised Preparation and Practise Privider (PPP) of London Language College.


Effectiveness measurement

Output standards are certified according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) belongs to the UK National Qualification Framework system.

Personal care

Each student is individually supported when participating in learning and testing at London Language College’s authorised study and test centers.

Accreditation & Recognition

London Language College - UK Nationally Recognized Programs