hybrid learning

In the context of flexible online training, yet the cohesion and maintenance are not high meanwhile traditional classroom training is not suitable for working people due to the fixed studying-hour, the hybrid learning model was destined to exploit the advantages while simultaneously solve barriers from both online training and traditional training models.

  • Learning theory on the system
  • Practice learning in class with bosscamp
  • English and academic support system
online learning on the system

study anytime, anywhere with the online micro learning format on the system

the key lectures are translated

The main lectured contents will be translated into Vietnamese if leaners do not understand the specialized English.

join practicing workshop in class

Enhance the understanding ability and practicing capacity; also connect with friends and business network.

do quiz on the system

take short quizzes on the system to have a better understand of the training content, deeply memorize knowledge and to get the midterm scores.

Academic tutor

course instruction is provided to learners to ensure they develop in the right direction and not to digress from the subject.

Personalise the learning process

PPP’s support system will make the learning process more effective through personalised activities as well as Eduner online system support.

Contact LLC

Contact us to receive the tuition support details for upcoming enrollment


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