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LRN UK Level 3 in TESOL programme helps graduate learners to meet the job requirement as English teachers at English language centers

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Level 3 Certificate in TESOL, Accredited by Ofqual UK

London Language College (LLC) owns CEFR English and TESOL Gate systems. All orientation programmes for working people. Currently, 90% of students participating in the London Language College system are adults and more than 85% of them are working people.

With the above orientation and actuality, all English programme belongs to the London Language College are implemented under the Hybrid Learning model or full-time study abroad (oversea study).

The Hybrid Learning model is an association of online training and classroom training, helping learners increase efficiency, simultaneously increasing flexibility, helping balance between study and work.

Hybrid Learning modelHybrid Learning = Web-based learning + nearby workshop

Online learning on LMS system

Learn anytime, anyplace with online lectures on the LMS system legitimately with partner schools. Benefit full interests of full-time student.

Join a nearby Workshop

Learners can participate in the intensive TESOL workshops to revise, practice or supplement knowledge conducting by 100% of qualified lecturers.

Personalisation from the Preparation and Practise Provider (PPP)

London Language College’s global practise and preparation centers are required to personalise the training and preparation process for each student.

The distinctions of Hybrid Learning

The Hybrid learning model helps:

  • Study directly with partner schools and 100% of their programmes
  • No domestic instructor intervention.
  • Save time on travelling
  • Flexible time and schedule
  • Workshop participation helps connect with teachers and classmates
  • Build career and learning networks.
  • Benefit full interests of full-time study abroad.

3 factors that help students confidently complete the program

Success rate of Hybrid model when personalised

A module's learning process according to Hybrid Learning model

Students are provided with an account on LMS (Learning Management Systems) and can refer to English documents on the system. At this stage, learners should concentrate on:

  • Determine the goal of the subject
  • Determine the goal of each week (phase) of the course
  • Determine the tasks and assignments that need to perform to complete the subject

After reviewing the materials on the system in Step 1, students participate in nearby workshops. Lecturers will help consolidate knowledge, review the essential lesson content and assist learners the method of deploying assignments.

After participating in the workshop, learners will continue studying the materials in order to accomplish the compulsory assignments and activities of the subject.

The assignments are usually implemented in the form of an essay model helps learners transform the accumulated knowledge from the system and practical workshop into their own teaching practice.

Training Centers and Examination Organisation provide the best preparation for London Language College’s global exams only.

After completing the training and practice duration, students will be taking exams directly with the LLC, graded and recognised by the LLC.

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