Strictly complying with the training goals

London Language College (LLC) is an accredited and recognised institution, therefore, all of the LLC progammes strictly complying with the training goals:

  • Procedures, processes, programme goals, training goals must be strictly complied,
  • Stick to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for English Language (according to the 6-level European qualifications framework).
  • Strictly stick to the training goals of each session and each programme for TESOL programmes or English programmes for undergraduate and graduate levels.

The quality control procedure is intended to ensure the LLC remain accredited, at the same time ensuring delivery programmes with a uniform standard.

London Language College's quality assurance process

Preparation and Practise Provider (PPP)’s Accreditation

London Language College’s Preparation and Practise Provider (PPP) are accredited before implementing the programmes

Quality conditions assurance

The quality of lecturers and facilities are ensured to meet the requirements of the examination and accrediting unit.

Complying with the operating procedures

The operating procedures including the selection procedure and the compliance of the examination organization with the regulations of the certificate and diploma granted party.

Adjustment and improvement

In the case of any inconvenient matter, the adjustment, prevention and improvement will be implemented to ensure the continuous improvement process.